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Our Thidiazuron

Thidiazuron is a growth regulator for plants, working by influencing cytokinin activity.

► Appearance: White Crystal
► High Purity Research grade >98% purity
► IUPAC name: 1-phenyl-3-(1,2,3-thiadiazol-5-yl)urea
► C9H8N4OS
► CAS Registry Number: [51707-55-2]
► Molecular Weight 220.25

Common uses include removing leaves from cotton plants prior to harvesting: The Thidiazuron is absorbed through the leaf and causes an abscission layer to form between stem and leaf, resulting in leaf dropping. Defoliating Cotton under Adverse Conditions: Drought-stress, Cool Temperatures, and Rank Growth (J.C. Sanders, J.C. Faircloth, H.P. Wilson)

Thidiazuron has been shown to help preserve flowers after cutting: Following harvest, chlorophyll is commonly lost from flowers due to the separation of the flower from the endogenous cytokinin synthesizing root. The reduction in cytokonins leads to wilting and leaf yellowing. Thidiazuron has been shown to improve chlorophyll retention and therefore prolong the life of cut flowers, with favourable results over benzyladenine treatments. Benzyladenine and thidiazuron postharvest treatments for preserving cut lily flowers (A. Ferrante, A. Trivellini, G. Serra)

Thidiazuron has also been shown to improve yield and fruit quality of certain fruits, including grapes, melon and cucumber: Phenylureas CPPU and Thidiazuron Affect Yield, Components, Fruit Composition, and Storage Potential of Four Seedless Grape Selections (A.G. Reynolds, D.A. Wardle, C. Zurowski, N.E. Looney)